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1985年 Established Guangdong Yulan Wallpaper Co., Ltd. Imported Emerson wallpaper production line.
1990年 Became Beijing Asian Game wallpaper official supplier.
1998年 Yulan is the first wallpaper manufacturer in China for ISO9001: 2008 & UKAS
2004年 Moved to Guancheng Science & Technology Park, and imported Emerson fabric-backed wall coverings production line.

Obtained Environmental Labeling Product Certification(The first brand in China wallpaper industry for this honor);
Established Guangdong Province Enterprise Technology Center.


Honored with “Famous Trademark of China” title ;
Established GAFA &Yulan Creative Institute of Furnishings Art.

2010年 Participated in the drafting of national wallpaper industry standard (The only one in this industry);

Yulan wallpaper became the appointed supplier of Guangzhou Asian Village project.
Identified as “Guangdong Engineering Center” by Provincial Government.


Gained “2012 China's Household Industry 100 enterprises” and “2012 China's Real Estate Listed Company Engineering Preferred Brand” title.

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